3 Important Questions before Quitting

You are starting to fear going to work. The face of your boss gives you stress. So, the answer seems to be to change the job. But do not rush into it.

Job Change

Just try to ask a few questions to yourself, before deciding to quit.

  • Know the real reason for your anxiety – Most of the times the concerns are more specific. Get the answer. Top 5 reasons are: (1) you do not get along well with your Manager.

(2) You think nobody sees you as an asset. (3) No promotions for you. (4) Restructuring has changed your role. You used to love the earlier role. (5)  A general need for change.

All the above reasons do not require quitting. So unless reason is boredom from current job or a general lack of interest in the area of work stop and think. You just might need a holiday to refresh.

  • Do you have something better to do? – Just try to answer whether you have better things to do. If not you are sure to get stuck even after quitting. If you have better plans that are workable then it is fine to quit. Also try to re asses your skills. You might need new skills. Learn new skills, a skilled worker is one who does not stop learning ever.
  • The amount of money you need – This is the most crucial. Quitting invariably leads to financial loss. You might have to start a rung lower. These are not rosy times. So, do consider this factor.

If you will not regret taking the decision and you see yourself in a better mental, physical and financial position in 10 years then go ahead.