My online Business Built unknowingly…

Online Business...

While starting to work from home I started to wonder if I could use my skills on a wider scene. I started researching and came to the conclusion that I could tap the huge open market for content. Yes folks most of the content on websites is poorly written. I started contacting the website owners individually and surprise, surprise they were ready to get it changed.

I just did simple things. I sent a sample text to them and it was an improvement on their text on their website. So it was relevant to them and it was evidence that their content could be better. I got an unbelievable response. 90% response is really good for online interaction, and I could convert almost 70% of all responses. I had 10 clients within a month and was really challenged, and was working 18 hours a day. The income also expanded and I could hire one person to help me. Slowly I built up the list and had almost 20 clients giving me regular business. I also added keyword research which was free for the clients. Then I realized that unknowingly I had started a business and was making profits. Being professional I went ahead and registered my company, designed a logo and did all background work. Now I am working on building my own website. The information I am providing can be crucial for people working online. You just need a bit of managing and writing skills to take you forward.


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