About Me

There’s not much to say about me. I’m a down-to- earth kind of person. I’m married with three children, and while I’m not too well-off, we make enough to manage. I am passionate about writing- that’s a given, I would presume. This blog would not exist if I did not love to write, after all.

My two daughters and one son are becoming rather old, and soon they will be thinking of jobs and loans and mortgages. I think this is what drew me to writing this blog. I want my tips and tricks to be collected in one spot- so that they can refer to their old man’s wisdom when they are trying to figure out if they should quit their current job, or what they should do with their pension.

I think a disclaimer is necessary here- all the opinions presented here are just that. I don’t presume any complete understanding of the world- so just take my rantings as friendly advice!


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