My online Business Built unknowingly…

Online Business...

While starting to work from home I started to wonder if I could use my skills on a wider scene. I started researching and came to the conclusion that I could tap the huge open market for content. Yes folks most of the content on websites is poorly written. I started contacting the website owners individually and surprise, surprise they were ready to get it changed.

I just did simple things. I sent a sample text to them and it was an improvement on their text on their website. So it was relevant to them and it was evidence that their content could be better. I got an unbelievable response. 90% response is really good for online interaction, and I could convert almost 70% of all responses. I had 10 clients within a month and was really challenged, and was working 18 hours a day. The income also expanded and I could hire one person to help me. Slowly I built up the list and had almost 20 clients giving me regular business. I also added keyword research which was free for the clients. Then I realized that unknowingly I had started a business and was making profits. Being professional I went ahead and registered my company, designed a logo and did all background work. Now I am working on building my own website. The information I am providing can be crucial for people working online. You just need a bit of managing and writing skills to take you forward.


Getting Started With Making Money On YouTube

One of the biggest questions that seem to be hovering in the minds of You Tube users is how to turn their You Tube usage into a money making mechanism? Everybody seems to know that it is essential that you become a You Tube partner for your videos to really start making money for you. How does one become a You Tube partner?

Create an account

Quite naturally if you want to become a Youtube partner, you will need to have a You Tube account. Create an  account with a username that is catchy and short and sweet to remember. Your username should in some way reflect the essence of your channel. If you want to create a channel on teenage fashion trends think of usernames which most definitely use the terms teens and trends.  Your username could be something as simple as TeenTrends12 or Teenends  or something similar. Get creative with the username because more often than not it can make or break your Youtube presence.

money with youtube

Always add a description to your profile. Tell the people briefly what to expect from your channel. It is not always great to keep the masses in the dark. If people view your channel thinking they are going to get parent tips on how to handle teenagers and end up viewing teenage fashion you have earned yourself a negative review. A description helps you attract the right kind of audience. If you have more than 500 followers on your channel, You Tube will be more than happy to pay you for advertising on your channel

Keep the content original and interesting

Choose a topic for your channel and start making videos. It is not necessary that your videos look professional the first time around. Making videos is a learning curve. As and when you upload videos, comments of viewers and your own experience will guide you on how to improve the quality of the videos you upload. Remember to keep your content original. Nobody likes copied videos. As you get more and more topics to record invest in a tripod or ask a friend to help you with the recording. Make sure you have enough light while recording the videos.

Update your channel regularly. Make sure your viewers have something new to look forward to every time.

Promote your channel

You will attract followers to your Youtube channel only if they know it exists. Every time you upload your video talk about it on facebook, twitter and any other social networking site. The more buzz you create about the channel the better for you. The amount of money you make from your Youtube channel is directly dependent on its popularity. Encourage your friends to promote your channel too. Make sure you have enough content to keep uploading on your channel.

Once your Youtube channel has gotten more than five hundred followers you are now ready to enjoy the benefit of your channel making money for you.

Make money on the internet from your home!

Lets get back to some simple but effective ways to make good bucks.

The best way to earn money is exploit opportunities where you can see them. With its creation to its super growth, internet has attracted of business of all sort. With ample real ways to make money online, people from different backgrounds are working part-time to earn some good cash. Teacher, students, recycling companies and etc, all of them have business and work for everyone. Someone said, that if you are earning money, try to do it in as many ways as possible. Internet is full of business.


Internet started making money for common man when websites such as and came online. These websites let your post your item on their website for visitors and buyers of all sorts. Items being sold through these websites range from cosmetics and clothes to mobile phones and different type of electronics. It is much easier for manufacturers to sell their product online as it reduces the charges they would incur for keeping products in an expensive shop. Some very creative people first buy cheap goods online and then auction it on the same website at a higher cost. This really works out good for those who are good at maths and know how to look for right products.

If you think selling goods online will cause you a lot hassle, instead you want to write and show the world your creative talent. There are a lot of legitimate ways to make money online. Writing blogs or working on freelance writing is a good option. You can use Google ad sense to generate money by the number of visits to your blog; all you have to do is write a good blog online.